The Luxuriator Collection

Franco's current collection is the Luxuriator Collection, a modern, yet classic luxury brand of handcrafted diamond sunglasses, with a fashion forward blend of hand-set pave or micro pave VSGF diamonds set in 18K white, yellow, rose or gun metal gold. Hand-engraved and enameled versions are also offered. All temples are made of solid buffalo horn and exotic leathers, combined with the highest quality optics. The unique diamond rings on each side are a design trademark created exclusively by Franco. This collection consists of two main styles; Luxuriator Uno, a single bridge chassis and Luxuriator Due, a double bridge chassis. Each frame style can be made with any of the hundreds of lens shapes available and custom tinted to a client's request. Both styles and all lenses can be made with the client's eyeglass prescription.
As time progresses, the Luxuriator Collection is committed to designing new styles and concepts using new materials and technology combining precious metals and diamonds. The new collection is in the making and it promises to stay true to quality, comfort and luxury.


Head Designer: Franco

Franco is known for his Luxuriator Collection of eyewear, a fashion-forward blend of exquisite jewelry and top of the line optics created for high-end jewelry stores and optical boutiques. The Luxuriator line showcases eyewear encrusted with pave diamonds and features the most technologically advanced lenses.

Frames are available in 18-karat yellow, white, gold and rose gold - each style perfectly suiting just about anyone's face.
Franco brings a line of custom and highly-crafted eyewear to the collection.
Music has played an integral part in Franco's life and he chose to work with the GRAMMY Brand because he is motivated by various artists involved with the GRAMMY

Foundation & trade.

Franco is also a generous contributor to the MusiCares Foundation, donating optical wear every year.
Franco sunglasses are distributed worldwide.

For more information, visit the GRAMMY Web site at www.grammy.com

Franco’s passion for design started when he was 16 years-old.
In 1991, after exploring fashion and other accessories, Franco’s extraordinary ability to accessorize each individual drove him to design optical wear.
Franco’s initial launch was a collection of modern titanium frames colored by using electric voltage technology that was inspired by his trip to an eyewear plant in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Enthused by his visit to Germany, Franco’s subsequent collection was a line of eyewear integrating three-piece construction on titanium frames using wood temples. His creative talent ultimately led him to jewelry design and diamond setting. Starting from his first collection, the world has taken notice of his rare and classic pieces.

Each and every piece of optical wear that Franco creates is exclusive in its design, quality and use of technology. Each pair of glasses is hand-crafted and approved by Franco. Comfort is not compromised by luxurious design.

Company Profile

Franco, Inc. created the Luxuriator Collection in 2004.
The collection is by Los Angeles based eyewear and jewelry designer Franco.
Luxuriator is dedicated to creating superior and iconic pieces that are modern, yet timeless.
Each collection is unique and artistic, giving the consumer both quality and fashion.

Luxuriator and the GRAMMYs


Each frame in the Luxuriator Collection is carefully manufactured, assembled and finished by hand ensuring the highest level of quality and finish. As time progresses, the Luxuriator Collection is committed to designing new styles and concepts using new materials and the latest technology. The unique diamond rings on each side are a design trademark created exclusively by Luxuriator


The Luxuriator collection is original and rare; however, Franco can work with you and your individual likes to tailor the design just for YOU.


Franco will accommodate your prescription needs and create optical wear that does not compromise style. Lenses can be made in the clientʼs prescription, including photochromic, polarized, flash mirrored and antireflective coatings.